REVIEWS: Qudeen The Magnificent

John Wilkens –  Books Editor Union-Tribune:

Top Picks, Spring Arts Review
Arts and Culture Section, March 26, 2017

Amazon Verified Purchases:

“I’m partway through the book now.  It’s real, and its timeless. This is the kind of story that requires your entire mind and soul and it will give it back to you with every page. The book is from another time, and it should be considered an American classic in my humble opinion- I’m not even done with it!”

“Timeless… an American classic.”

 “Extremely well-written stories … I’ve never read anything quite like this book. Themes of cultural separation and adaption, male dominance, feminine strength and perseverance, and much more are all intertwined in and between the connected stories. Keeps you thinking. Most fascinating.” – Laura Palmer Hammes

Kirkus Reviews:

 “A timely perspective on American history, immigration, and culture as well as a captivating read.”


 “Images created by the author in these short stories resonated with me.Through all weaves the Arabic folklore legend of Qudeen the Magnificent to bring us back to the mysteries of the culture. To remind us that we don’t know nor can understand everyone’s stories … to remind the lead protagonists that they are the sum of their traditions, family and culture. These stories will stay with me for a long time.”